Loan Phan Ziehl was born in Vietnam in 1974. Before moving to the Portland area in 2007, she lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California. In Vietnam, Ziehl worked as a high school teacher, and once in Pennsylvania she obtained her Master’s Degree in Education. She now lives in Lake Oswego with her husband and two children.

In this interview, Ziehl begins by talking about the circumstances that brought her to Portland and how the climate and the presence of the Vietnamese community in Portland is different from the places she has lived before. She then shares some of the difficulties of moving to America, including getting used to a new culture at the same time as studying for her master’s degree. Ziehl also talks about the Vietnamese community in Portland and the process of getting to know more people through going to festivals and temples. At the end of this interview, she discusses the sacrifices that immigrants make when moving to America and the challenges they must overcome for the sake of their children, as well as her hope that the Vietnamese community will gain more recognition and become stronger in the future.