Bình Huỳnh was born in Bac Lieu Province in Vietnam. In 1979, when he was twenty-four years old, he escaped Vietnam by boat. After spending eighteen months in two refugee camps in Malaysia, Huỳnh came to the United States, first residing in New York. Although he has worked and studied in several states throughout his life, Huỳnh now lives in Salem, Oregon and has done work in both Corvallis and Portland. Now retired, he spends his time writing articles for the local Vietnamese newspaper and creating YouTube videos about his life and politics. Huỳnh also works as a minister of an evangelical church.

In this oral history, Huỳnh starts by talking about his current jobs as well as his roles in the community. He then shares about his life in Vietnam, what it was like living under the Communist regime, and why and how he escaped the country. He also discusses integrating into the United States and the major differences between America and Vietnam that he experienced. Huỳnh then talks about working in Vietnam and the United States, and how he became a respected journalist at the Phuong Dong Times, a Vietnamese newspaper in Portland and Seattle. At the end of the interview, he shares his opinions on the Vietnamese community in America and Portland in particular.