Chau Huynh was born in Binh Thuan Vietnam and moved to Portland in June 1997. In Vietnam Huynh worked as an English teacher. Her father was in the South Vietnamese army, which allowed Huynh and her family to qualify for the Ho programs. This initiative allowed refugees in South Vietnam and their families to immigrate to the United States. Her brother had previously moved to Portland OR, because of this Huynh and her family decided to move to Portland. Chau Huynh works for a youth department called the P-3 program.

In this interview, Huynh discusses leaving Vietnam and the process of settling herself in Portland. The IRCO program helped Huynh and her family become established in Portland. She attended Portland Community College, where Huynh studied computer information systems. Huynh recounts their first impressions and experiences in the city. Huynh ends her interview by discussing how she has established herself in Portland, and the work she does for family support services.