Thai Tien Nguyen was born and raised in Dat La, which is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. In Vietnam Nguyen obtained an education in English and Business. In 2009, Nguyen decided to move to Portland so she could join her husband who had moved to the United States ten years before. After arriving in Portland she attended Mount Hood Community college, and Clark College to obtain a degree in nursing. She currently works as a nurse, and has worked at bilingual clinics Columbia and Golden Dawn. She also volunteers her time for IRCO and has worked for their Women’s Health Project.

In this interview Nguyen covers her life and family in Vietnam and the decision to move to the United States. Her husband was an old family friend, and Nguyen had grown up with him. His family moved to the United States in the 1990s, and Ngyuen and her husband stayed in contact. In 2009 she decided to move to Portland to marry and live with him. When she first arrived she struggled with the cultural and language transition, while also obtaining an education in nursing. Her in-laws helped her navigate Portland and create a community. IRCO also helped Nguyen find health insurance, which is how she was first introduced to the organization. She goes on to talk about the Programs IRCO has to offer, and how she has volunteered her time for the organization. She finishes her interview discussing raising her daughter, and their experiences with Portland Schools.