Khuong Le graduated from high school in 1945. In 1947 he moved to Hue City where he worked for a French company for a year. In 1948 he was recruited by the South Vietnamese military first as a secretary, then as a member of the Viet Ninh Doan infantry. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant in 1956. He served in the combat units for five years and then transferred to the First Logistics Command. He was forced to enter a reeducation camp in 1975 and was released nine years later in 1984. He remained in Vietnam until 1992 when he was sponsored to immigrate to the United States. He was sixty-five years old when he arrived in Portland, OR, and worked as a translator for the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization for a year before retiring.

This interview begins with Khuong Le giving a brief overview of his life in Portland. He then backtracks in time, touching lightly on his childhood before describing his entry into the military. He also elaborates on his perspective of the military effort on a larger scale. Next, he talks about the struggles of living in a communist reeducation camp. He transitions to talking about leaving Vietnam and coming to Portland. He discusses the role of churches and religion in the Portland community as well as the issues of cultural identity among youth. He then refers to a variety of organizations that he is involved in. He concludes the interview by commenting on the resounding impact of the actions of the Northern Vietnamese government.