Diana Ly was born in Saigon in the early 1970s and left Vietnam with her family in the late 1970s. She and her family spent nine months in a refugee camp before coming to the United States in 1978. They initially settled in New Orleans but then moved to Monterey Park, California. In 2004 she moved to Oregon in order to pursue her career in politics. Today she remains politically active and works as a real estate broker.

This interview begins with Diana Ly saying where her family is from and their religious views as Buddhists. She then touches on how they left Vietnam by boat and describes life in a refugee camp. She then talks about her first impressions of American culture, the culture of New Orleans and New Orleans’ Chinatown in particular, as well as her family life. She goes into depth when describing her families’ time in California. She then begins describing her life in Oregon, which includes having children of her own and elaboration on her political life. She rounds out this interview by speaking extensively on a variety of social and political issues concerning Portland and its Vietnamese community.