Loan Phan Ziehl was born in Hue Vietnam and is currently residing in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She works as a Vietnamese immersion teacher at Portland Public Schools. She teaches early elementary school children, such as first and second grade. She has also worked with the Van Lang school which is also located in Portland. She came to the United States in 2001 to join her husband. When she arrived to the states she lived in Pennsylvania. There she attended Duquesne University and got her MA degree in education. After Pennsyalynia she and her husband moved to California where they began their family. Because of her husband's work they ended up moving to Portland in 2007.

In this interview, Ziehl discusses her transition from living in Vietnam to America. She describes some of the cultural differences between these two nations, and how she struggled with some of these changes when she first arrived. She also talks about how important it was for to find a Vietnamese community here in Portland, and how she has continued to actively play a role within this community. Zieh enjoys her work as an immersion teacher because she believes language is an important part of any culture, and she wants to maintain that in the United States. In her interview, she touches on some of the issues that the immersion program has faced from the Portland Public Schools, and how she and her coworkers have worked to overcome these obstacles.