Episode 3: Language & Education (April 2020)

Additional Information
  • Description: Community members discuss the language and cultural barriers they faced in Portland. They also share their varied experiences navigating Portland’s school system and going to college. Parents and students discuss the difficulties of assimilating into American society while preserving their Vietnamese culture, language and traditions. Featuring: Phil Duong, Bick Huynh, Khuong Le, Thi Luong, Dao Ngo, Tommy Ngo, Chi Nguyen, Mary Nguyen, Connie Nguyen-Truong, Khan Pham, Thai Tien Nguyen, Minh Tran, Thao Tu, Thuy Tu, Vinh Wong, and Loan Ziehl.
  • Creator: Hanna Merzbach and Bryan Miller
  • Format: mp3
  • Duration: 35:03
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