Margret Vu was born in Hanoi, Vietnam during the 1950s. After the 1954 Geneva Conference, Vu and her family moved South to the city of Da-Lat. In 1972, Vu enrolled in Laval University in Quebec City, Canada where she studied theology. After the Fall of Saigon in 1975, Vu was unable to return to her home in Da-Lat. From Quebec City, she moved first to New York City. From there, she also lived in Virginia, Florida, California, and Wisconsin before settling more permanently in Oregon. Currently, Vu, who has two daughters, works within the Health Department at Multnomah County.

Margret Vu begins her interview by speaking about her family life in Vietnam and the negative impacts that prolonged conflict caused near her home. She discusses her early education and the events leading up to when she began her studies in Quebec City. Next, Vu summarizes her life after she moved from Canada. As someone who left Vietnam before the Fall of Saigon, Vu describes herself as someone “between two cultures.” Vu moves on to talk about her life in Portland as well as her and her family's involvement with religious and community organizations in Oregon. Vu later explains her experience dealing with workplace discrimination. From there she speaks about some of the social and public health issues she sees affecting the Vietnamese community. Vu concludes by discussing her own childrens’ involvement in the Vietnamese community.

The transcript of this interview has been modified from its original recording at the request of the interviewee. In general, these alterations are indicated with the use of square brackets.