Davis Truong was born in 1973 in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. He came to Portland, Oregon in 1978, after leaving Vietnam by boat with his family. Truong grew up in North Portland, attending Roosevelt High School and later studying electrical engineering at Oregon State University. Recently, Truong and his wife moved to Seattle, but frequently come to Portland to visit with friends and family.

Truong begins the interview by explaining how he and his family moved to Portland in 1978. From there, he recalls vivid memories of his time growing up in North Portland, relating which school subjects he felt comfortable in and explaining other activities that filled his time. Truong describes having to fend off bullies as a kid and needing to stick with groups of friends in order to avoid fights. Nonetheless, he remembers that period of his life fondly. Next, Truong talks about his time at OSU, relating why he studied electrical engineering and recalling how consumed he was with both playing and watching basketball while in college. Truong goes on to explain his professional career and talks about his current life in Seattle. He concludes the interview by describing all the reasons he loves Portland.