Phil Duong is a Lewis & Clark College graduate who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of his life. Currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Manzama, Duong has also worked as a litigator and graphic designer. While at Lewis & Clark College, he majored in theater, helped run the Pio Log, and met his future wife. Years after graduating, Duong returned to Palatine Hill in order to obtain a degree from Lewis & Clark Law. Duong now lives in Lake Oswego with his wife and two children. In this interview, Duong touches upon the importance of language, enculturation, and contemplates his life as a first generation immigrant. Duong begins the interview by discussing his family’s immigration from Vietnam to the United States, and the lives that they established here in Oregon. After leaving Vietnam in 1975, Duong and his family first settled in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1979 they moved to Northeast Portland, where they lived for a few years before resettling to the suburbs outside of Vancouver, Washington. Duong mentions that during his childhood, he had little interaction with the Vietnamese community as his father sought to promote the Americanization and enculturation of him and his siblings. After discussing a bit about his parent’s experiences in the United States, Duong transitions to talk about his time at Lewis & Clark College. From there, he summarizes his career path and goes on to contemplate the role that Vietnamese heritage plays in both his life and the lives of his two children. Duong concludes the interview by speaking about politics, assimilation, and culture.