Tommy Ngo was born in 1999 in Portland, Oregon and is currently a student at Portland State University, majoring in computer science. He grew up outside of Portland, attending Rock Creek Elementary, Stoller Middle, and Westview High School. Ngo is an active rock climber and a member of Portland State University’s Vietnamese Student Association.

The interview begins with Ngo talking about his childhood in Oregon. Here, Ngo speaks about finding it easy to connect with other Vietnamese American youth because of their shared cultural experiences and discusses the neighborhood where he has lived all his life. From there, Ngo shares his memories of attending Lac Hong Vietnamese language school. Next, Ngo is asked about his decision to attend PSU and talks about his time in college thus far, summarizing his involvement in extracurricular activities such as the Vietnamese Student Association. From there, Ngo speaks to the differences he sees between younger and older generations of Vietnamese Americans.