Huy Hoang is a first-generation Vietnamese American who was born and raised in Portland. Growing up, he lived with his parents and sister in Northeast Portland and graduated from Benson High School. Hoang then attended the University of Washington in Seattle before going on to pharmacy school at Washington State University. Currently, Hoang works as Associate Medical Director for HorizonCME, a continuing medical education company.

In this oral history interview, Hoang talks about his life growing up and living in Portland. He shares about the resilience he learned in Portland Public Schools. He also talks about working at his parents’ restaurant and what it was like attending Portland State University math classes while he was in middle school. He continues on to speak about his experience attending the University of Washington and how he realized he wanted to go into pharmacy, and eventually, into academia because of his love of teaching. Hoang also talks about the Vietnamese community in Portland in both his childhood and current life and how he feels connected to the community and family that live here. At the end of the interview, he speaks on the generational differences within the community and the role model he hopes to be for the younger generations. He concludes the interview by encouraging the younger generation to ask for help when they need it.