Kim Le works as an immigration attorney and resides in Happy Valley with her family. Le was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania to Vietnamese refugee parents. She grew up in Sacramento, California and attended the Lac Hong Vietnamese school, Mira Loma High School, the Vietnamese Martyrs Church Sunday School. She was also a member of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement, also known as Thiếu Nhi Thấnh Thể. Le came to Portland in 2004 in order to attend Reed College, and graduated with a degree in economics before attending law school. In Portland, she is an active member of the Vietnamese and Catholic communities and has been involved with both Our Lady of La Vang Parish and Christ the King church.

In this oral history interview, Le begins by sharing her experiences at Reed College and what it was like moving from Sacramento to Portland. She then talks about her childhood and family and growing up in the Vietnamese Catholic community, which she continued to be part of throughout college and in her current life. Le also discusses how she became interested in being a lawyer, what a day in her work life is like, and the difficulties of practicing law during the COVID-19 pandemic. She then goes on to talk about the Vietnamese community in Portland and finding a sense of home within the Vietnamese churches and youth groups, as well as attending events like Tet Trung Thu. At the end of the interview, Le shares her thoughts about the generational differences and the push and pull between old versus new within the Vietnamese American community.