Elizabeth Dinh is a journalist and news anchor for KOIN 6, the Portland CBS affiliate. She was born in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. She has worked as a journalist and news anchor since 2004, and has worked for news channels in Texas, Florida, Washington, and Oregon. Dinh moved to Portland in 2016 to take a job with FOX 12 KPTV before accepting her current position with KOIN 6.

In this oral history interview, Dinh begins by discussing her career as a news anchor and what brought her to Portland. She shares what she loves about Portland before detailing her childhood in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including her education, extracurriculars, and how her parents made sure she always spoke Vietnamese at home. Dinh recalls her time in college and what led her to study journalism before moving on to talking about what she enjoys about her profession, how she prepares for the stories she reports on, and what it is like to be a news anchor in Portland specifically. She also discusses the “Is Portland Over?” project from KOIN 6, the intention of the project, and her part in it. Dinh then compares the Vietnamese American communities in Portland and Dallas as well as younger and older generations of Vietnamese Americans, and notes the ways in which she has seen Portland change during her time here. Finally, Dinh talks about the importance of the Vietnamese language and culture to her and shares fond memories of a particular pageant dress that her father made for her.