Truy Le was born in Quang Binh, Vietnam in 1939. He attended the Saigon University of Pedagogy as well as the Saigon Law School before becoming an elementary and middle school teacher. In 1968, Le joined the Thu Duc Reserve Army and served as a military officer. After being imprisoned by the Viet Cong for two years, he returned to Saigon to teach and was able to escape the country in 1980. He was sponsored to come to the United States by a fellow teacher. Once in Portland, Le attended Portland Community College and obtained a degree in industrial graphing. He has worked many jobs, including being a secretary at US Bank and an operator at Nike, a position he held for sixteen years. Le is currently retired.

In this oral history interview, Le begins by sharing about his life in Vietnam as a teacher and a military officer. He describes the challenges of being imprisoned by the Viet Cong and the process of escaping the country by boat. Le then goes on to talk about coming to Portland, Oregon, and integrating into life in America. He recalls memories of attending Portland Community College, the difficulties of finding a job, and what it was like living in a neighborhood with few Vietnamese people. He also describes some of the organizations that brought the community together, such as the VNCO (The Vietnamese Community of Oregon), Lavang Parish, and the Civil War Service. At the end of the interview, Le discusses the Vietnamese community and how he hopes that the younger generations will be able to maintain the traditions of Vietnam and continue speaking the native language.