Anthony Truong was born in Vietnam and moved to Portland with his family in 1980, when he was almost four years old. His family settled in North Portland, the city where they would ultimately remain. After middle school, Truong attended Benson High School before attending Oregon State University to study pharmacy. Since graduating, he has worked with many different organizations to make health care and health information accessible to both the Vietnamese community and other communities of color. Currently he works as a community researcher for the Coalition of Communities of Color as a Research Justice Fellow.
In this interview, Truong discusses immigrating to Portland with his family. He describes living in North Portland and attending elementary, middle, and high school in the district. He then goes into detail on his college experience, specifically being part of his school's Vietnamese Student Association, and details how the healthcare track at Benson high school influenced his decision to study pharmacy in college. Truong then explains the work that he has done for various Vietnamese Organizations. He touches on the Data Equity Bill before delving into the divisions in the Vietnamese American community, as well as the organizations he finds effectively represent the Vietnamese community. He concludes the interview discussing his family and again touching on his relationship with the Vietnamese community.