Long Nguyen was born in 1972 in Vietnam. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon as an entrepreneur and owner of the Mekha Grill restaurants. He inherited his love for cooking from his family, who relocated to Cambodia and opened a restaurant to provide for themselves after the Vietnam War in 1978. Upon his departure from Cambodia, Nguyen lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for five years. He was finally sponsored to come to the United States in 1987 and was sent to Seattle where he attended Ballard High School, attended community college, and met his wife. Since moving to Portland to start his family, Nguyen has owned and run many successful businesses, including a coffee shop and other restaurants like Mekha Grill.

In this interview, Nguyen discusses his experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the United States. He begins by discussing how the history of warfare in Vietnam and Cambodia shaped his childhood. Nguyen recounts his time in the refugee camp in Thailand, and how that led to his sponsorship in the United States. He discusses his relationship with the family that adopted him and how difficult it was to adjust to life in America. Then, Nguyen speaks about his move to Portland and the different businesses he has opened. He recalls what it was like to start and run his coffee shop in Portland during a period of gang rivalry and ends his interview by discussing his life as a small business owner now, and what it has been like to manage multiple restaurants.