Trang Oliver is a library professional who works for Multnomah County Library. Alongside her work assisting the many diverse communities that utilize the library’s services, Trang also helps lead Vietnamese Storytime. Trang was born and raised in Cam Ranh, Vietnam, where she graduated as an elementary school teacher. In 1998, when she was twenty-seven years old, she came to the United States to be with her sister, her brother-in-law, and her husband.
In this interview, Trang begins by speaking about her childhood and some of her earliest memories in Cam Ranh. She talks about her friends and going to school, and shares what her siblings and her parents were like. Trang then begins to talk about the complicated and emotional process of leaving Vietnam for America and the culture shock she experienced upon moving to Portland. She shares how she learned English and got a job with a before-and-after-school care program at Chapman Elementary School before having her first daughter and transitioning to work at an in-home daycare. After taking her second daughter to a Vietnamese Storytime at Multnomah County Library, Trang decided to get involved with the youth programs there. She then speaks about her experience working at the library and how she goes about conducting storytime, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She ends the interview by talking about the Vietnamese community and the values she wants to pass down to her two daughters.