An Thanh Vũ was born in North Vietnam, but spent most of his childhood in what used to be the French city of Saigon, following the First Indochina War. Beginning in 1964, Vũ worked as a high school teacher. Later, he became a reporter for a radio system. That opportunity led Vũ to a government position, serving the Ministry of Information. Due to his status as a government official, Vũ was sent to reeducation camps for ten years after the fall of Saigon. Fortunately, the United States government created a program that allowed for people who had been in the reeducation camp for over three years to resettle in the United States. Since Vũ qualified for the program, he and his family seized the opportunity and left for the United States in 1991. Since coming to the United States, Vũ has started an organization called Teresa Charities, a non profit organization whose mission is to feed the hungry in Vietnam and beyond. He also serves as a deacon at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church.
In this interview, Vũ discusses resettling in Portland and his life since moving to Oregon. Vũ begins his interview by describing how his friends helped him and his family relocate to Portland from Orange County, California in 1992. He recalls a supportive community that made the transition easier for him and his family. He details how he became a part of the Our Lady of LaVang community, and how he came to serve as a deacon at Our Lady of Sorrows. Vũ ends by describing the various jobs he had in Vietnam as well as his experience in reeducation camps. He explains how his experience in reeducation camps ultimately led to his relocation to the United States and influenced his decision to begin Teresa Charities.