Lynn Nguyễn is a high school student and second generation immigrant living in Portland. She is very involved with her church, Our Lady of Lavang Parish, and does many extracurriculars involving music. Her mother immigrated in 1989 and her father in 1994. She is interested in attending college to get a degree in computer science and forensics.

In this interview Nguyễn describes how her mother and father arrived in the US and the neighborhood she lives in, which has a large Vietnamese population. She also describes what it is like to be an International Baccalaureate student in a Portland Public School during COVID-19. She speaks to many issues facing the Vietnamese community including lack of education and discrimination as well as her thoughts on what it is like being raised by Vietnamese parents in a tight-knit Vietnamese community. Nguyễn touches on the lack of representation that Asian people have in American media like TV, movies, and even sports. Her hope for the future is that people will keep an open mind in this changing world.